• The region's leading servicer of loan receivables


At AMAL we focus on one thing - servicing loan receivables. And with over $A8 billion of assets under administration in Australia and New Zealand, we are the leading third-party servicer in the region.

Our highly experienced team of specialist servicing, collections and IT staff can cater for a wide range of asset classes including commercial, residential, consumer, leasing and other asset-backed receivables.

AMAL has over 40 customers including trading and investment banks, non-bank lenders, fund managers and securitisation programs, ranging in size from the smallest start-up to some of the region and the world's largest financial institutions.


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AMAL provides clients with a full range of outsourcing services across a variety of asset classes. These range from complete outsourcing solutions to tailored combinations of systems, staff and processing, specifically designed to complement our clients’ existing infrastructure and functional requirements. For new entrants AMAL can provide additional advisory services such as introductions to other market participants such as funders, trustees and lawyers as well as assisting with the design of products, processes and compliance requirements. The diagram below provides an overview of the ‘typical’ range of functions that may be required for a lending program and which can be provided by AMAL:


Governance, Risk & Compliance

AMAL’s governance, risk and compliance framework underpins the entire AMAL business model and is one of the key reasons our clients choose to outsource the servicing of their portfolios to us.

Directly and indirectly, we spend over $A2 million each year on Governance, Risk and Compliance. This investment provides our clients with a range of benefits but, most importantly, it provides their management, business partners and customers with the confidence that we will maintain the highest standards of service and assurance.

The components of our Governance, Risk and Compliance framework are summarised in the adjacent list.

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AMAL is subject to a number of external audits including the following:

  • An annual servicer evaluation by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P). In December 2013 S&P affirmed its overall STRONG ranking for AMAL (the highest possible ranking) as a servicer in Australia and New Zealand. The S&P report attributed the ranking to the following key strengths:
    • AMAL’s highly qualified and skilled workforce, including an experienced and qualified senior management team.
    • Sound risk management and compliance practices, underpinned by a risk management tool that meets industry best practices.
    • Effective processing and servicing policies and procedures.
    • Work-flow improvements and increased servicing efficiencies through continual investments in new technology.
  • Since 1997 AMAL has been certified under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems international standard. The certification is undertaken annually by SAI Global and provides AMAL and its clients with independent auditing and certification to evidence full compliance this comprehensive and process-focused framework.
  • Regular audits by clients, and their advisers.
  • Regular due diligence discussions with funders and rating agencies.

AMAL maintains a comprehensive, ongoing internal audit process across all areas of the business, overseen by the Executive Director – Governance, Risk and Compliance.

This is complemented by a range of formal review committees including:

  • Operations and Quality board committee.
  • Risk and Compliance board committee.
  • Monthly Compliance Committee meeting comprising key management and team members within the servicing team.

AMAL’s internal controls process forms part of the ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Management System and includes the following components:

  • Double sign-off of all functions governed by an experience-based Authorities Matrix.
  • Comprehensive data quality checking procedures across all client functions.
  • Multiple electronic checklists for critical data and functional processes.

In addition, we have implemented a wide range of automated system checks, alerts and reports to identify data anomalies based on our experience of servicing portfolios across a range of asset classes.

The identification, analysis, monitoring and treatment of risks both within and outside of the business is a continual process, overseen by AMAL's Risk Management Committee. AMAL uses a cloud-based risk management and compliance product called Risk360 Enterprise, which was built on the framework provided by ISO31000 Risk Management – Principle and Guidelines.

Compliance with laws and regulations is continually monitored at both a corporate and client level. This includes a number of components:

  • Regular compliance and legislation training for employees.
  • Performs an impact analysis for all clients, prior to the change, or introduction, of any legislation.
  • Maintenance of necessary licenses:
    • Australian Credit License (ACL).
    • Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).
    • External Dispute Resolution (EDR) membership with Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd (COSL).

AMAL has a strong focus on corporate and personal ethics and this is underpinned by a number of policies, processes and commitments including:

  • An Ethics Policy committed to by every staff member.
  • A Chinese Walls Policy also committed to be every staff member.
  • A statement of AMAL’s ‘Visions and Values’ which has been developed by staff members to outline what’s important to the business and their own personal goals.
  • A commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • AMAL is also bound by the Code of Conduct of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and the COSL Rules of the Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd (COSL), as a member of these industry organisations.

Outsourcing procedures are detailed, descriptive instructions for each function that AMAL performs for a client.

The detailed procedures are maintained in business process management (BPM) software called Promapp, a collaborative, web-based tool that provides effective change control functionality and allows all stakeholders to view the procedures and suggest amendments. Clients are provided with a link to the procedures, which can then be added to their own intranet. All procedures, as well as any subsequent amendments, are approved by the client.

Similarly to the outsourcing procedures, any correspondence provided to borrowers whether verbal, written or electronic is tightly controlled and always subject to client approval.

Once agreed, correspondence templates are maintained in the loan management system, allowing for control over change management.

Download our S&P Servicer Evaluation

Over $A8 billion of funds under administration.

Primary servicer of over 20,000 receivables.

Backup servicer of over 150,000 receivables.

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